Organization Information

Organization Information


Christmas Pay Procedures for Rural Carriers

Table of Exhibits

Overtime During the Christmas Period

Christmas Assistance

Examples of Christmas assistance:

Time Card Blocks Used During the Christmas Period

Work on Relief Days and Use of X Days

Christmas Period Timekeeping Instructions

Important Items to Remember: Rural Carrier Christmas Pay Procedures

Exhibit 1. Regular Carrier Works in Excess of Route’s Evaluation

Exhibit 2. Regular Carrier Not on Relief Day Work List Works Relief Day (Week 2) and Does Not Receive an X Day in the Same Pay Period

Exhibit 3. Regular Carrier Works Designated Holiday

Exhibit 4. Regular Carrier Provides Christmas Assistance

Exhibit 5. FLSA Code A Regular Carrier

Exhibit 6. Designation 74 Works Designated Holiday

Exhibit 7. Designation 74 Provides Christmas Assistance on Relief Day

Exhibit 8. Replacement Carrier Provides Christmas Assistance on a Regular Route

Exhibit 9. Replacement Carrier Provides Christmas Assistance on an Auxiliary Route

Exhibit 10. Nonrural Employee Provides Christmas Assistance on Rural Route (EMA Only)

Exhibit 11. Designation 79 Provides Christmas Assistance on Assigned Auxiliary Route

2013 Pay Dates and Leave Year

2013 Pay Period Inclusive Dates

2014 Pay Periods Begin

Labor Relations

Health Benefits Open Season

Distribution of Open Season Materials

Additional Information

Penalty Overtime Exclusion

Flexible Spending Accounts 2012 Open Season: November 12–December 23, 2012

Grace Period Still in Effect

Using PostalEASE to Enroll


Direct Mailings to Employees

Review of Basic FSA Provisions

Election Opportunities — Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs

Change in Health Care Maximum Contribution

Withholding of FSA Contributions

Qualifying Life Event Enrollment and Elections

Address and Fax Numbers for FSA Claims

Use of 711 for Employees Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Open Season Materials

Additional Supplies of Materials

Further Information

Tax Advice

2012 Open Season and Other Benefits and Payroll Election Opportunities

Mailing and Shipping Services

Mail Alert


Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information

Stamp Services

Stamp Announcement 12-51: Lady Bird Johnson

Distribution: Item 578500, Lady Bird Johnson First-Class Mail (Forever stamp priced at 45 cents) PSA Souvenir Sheet of Six Stamps

Initial Supply to Post Offices

Sales Policy

How to Order the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark

How to Order First Day Covers

Philatelic Products

Stamp Announcement 12-52: $1, $2, $5, $10 Waves of Color

Distribution: Item 115500, 115600, 115700, and 115800, $1, $2, $5, and $10 Waves of Color PSA Pane of 10 Stamps

Initial Supply to Post Offices

How to Order the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark

How to Order First-Day Covers

Philatelic Products

2012 Stamps and Postal Stationery

Pictorial Postmarks Announcement

How to Order the First-Day-of-Issue Digital Color or Traditional Postmarks

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