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Repair or Replacement of Self-service Kiosk Collection Boxes, PSIN 1577F and 1170B

Retail Business Technology together with Maintenance and Engineering would like to remind all field locations that keeping your collection boxes well-maintained is critical. Please take stock of your collection boxes to make sure they are in good working order (see MMO-024-08, APC Collection Device Repair Information).

SSK Collection Device parts are available to order from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) through eMARS. Sites that are unfamiliar with the eMARS system can con­tact the Maintenance Technical Support Center at 800-366-4123, option 3.

Here is a list of parts plus current prices* that are stocked at the MDC for SSK Collection Devices:

n Stud Track Roller — PSN 3915-06-000-9873, $8.71 each.

n Drum Handle (Center) — PSN 3915-06-000-9857, $1.10 each.

n Round Bumper — PSN 3915-06-000-9861, $0.18 each.

n Safety Bumper (ST-2375) — PSN 3915-16-000-8935, $2.89.

n Black Grommet Edging — PSN 5325-06-000-9872, $10.89 each.

n Gas Spring — PSN 5360-06-000-9868, $9.43 each.

* SSK parts prices are subject to change. Please verify prices before ordering.

Kiosk collection devices are supported by the Topeka MDC. For parts support, sites can contact National Materi­als Customer Service at 800-332-0317, option 4, or via email at

Two types of collection devices are available. If your col­lection box needs to be replaced, please use the informa­tion below for ordering a new stand alone or in-wall collection box:

n PSN 7110-07-000-7110, PSIN 1577F, In-Wall Drop Unit SSK eBuy2 funded amount $2200 (This amount must be funded — eMARS may show a different amount).

n PSN 7110-07-000-7109, PSIN 1170B, Stand Alone Collection Box SSK eBuy2 funded amount $3700 (This amount must be funded — eMARS may show a different amount).

Note: These charges include the core charge of $500 and all applicable shipping costs.



When creating your EBuy2 Off-Catalog Request, the supplier information is as follows:




TOPEKA KS 66624-9606

(800) 332-0317

Your Purchasing Method will be “Local” and your Payment Method will be “Fedstrip/ Finance #”

GL CODE : 52101

Don’t forget to send your old collection box back to Topeka for repair or deconstruction for parts. Upon receipt, Topeka will reimburse the $500 core charge. To request the return of your old in-wall or stand alone, create a bill of lad­ing (BOL) request. For those sites that are unfamiliar with the BOL process, visit or contact National Materials Cus­tomer Service at 800-332-0317, option 4 or via email at for assistance.