Information Security

Information Security Training

computer screen showing Information Security: Our Shared Responsibility training course

The “Information Security: Our Shared Responsibility” training course, #10021144, is now available in the Learn­ing Management System. This eLearning course — which is mandatory for all Postal Career Executive Service, Exec­utive Administrative Service, and Inspection Service employees who use the Postal Service™ computer net­work — is designed to provide a basic understanding of computer security issues and best practices to help main­tain information security.

After completing the course, employees will be able to:

n Describe the importance of securing and protecting data, information, hardware, and system applica­tions.

n Define sensitive and sensitive-enhanced information.

n Recognize forms of social engineering.

n Apply steps to prevent computer viruses, worms, and Trojans.

The course will help employees adhere to and abide by USPS® email, Internet, telecommuting, and travel policies. Employees will also learn how to protect logins and pass­words, explain encryption types and when to use them, and comply with USPS incident reporting procedures.