Information Security

New Password System — Longer Password to Replace Employee PIN Online

Graphic of the Login screen

On April 28, 2014, employees will begin using a password to access the USPS® LiteBlue website and online self-service applications such as PostalEASE, eCareer, ePayroll, eJob Bidding, and eOPF.

Currently, employees use their Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) and 4-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to access LiteBlue and a range of online self-service USPS applications. Human Resources and IT will launch a new online program to help each employee create a stronger password that is 8-16 characters in length.

“The change of the password length is being made to enhance the protection around your personal information and to add complexity to the process for anyone trying to impersonate you,” said Corporate Information Security Officer Chuck McGann.

“Moving to an 8-character complex password provides a significant increase in protection for your information,” added McGann. “As always, review your accounts often to verify any changes and change your password if you have any concerns about its security.”

USPS will mail instructions to create the new passwords to each employee’s address of record. As of April 28, 2014, employees will need their new passwords as well as their EINs to access LiteBlue and all online self-service applications.

The current EINs and 4-digit USPS PINs will remain the same. Employees conducting self-service HR transactions over the telephone (not online) will continue to use their current 4-digit USPS PINs and EINs.