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Customer Change-of-Address Move Validation Letter Procedures

We implemented the move validation letter (MVL) in 1996 to:

n Help validate change-of-address orders (COAs); and

n Provide increased protection for customers filing COAs.

You are required to handle MVLs as follows:

n MVLs are sent as First-Class Mail® items and must always be delivered as addressed based on the “Or Current Resident” endorsement.

n MVLs must be delivered as addressed, even though the person (or family) named on the MVL has moved, and even if the address appears to be vacant. Only return the mailpiece if it is refused, the address is not valid, or the address no longer exists.

n Send returned MVLs to the processing and distribution center for processing on Postal Automated Redirection System equipment. Mail must be individually endorsed to show the reason for nondelivery (e.g.,refused or no such address), or separated by reason for nondelivery, bundled with the top piece endorsed, and placed in the throwback case.

We have also revised the MVL to show information on the outside envelope for the addressee, the new (current) resident(s) at the address, and the carrier.

Area vice presidents and district managers must ensure that all MVLs received in Post Offices under their area and district are delivered to the address on the piece, and that all carriers delivering to street addresses and employees delivering PO Box mail are aware of these requirements. When reviewing operations at Post Offices under a jurisdiction, please review the handling of MVLs for compliance with these requirements.