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Mover’s Guides and Internet Change of Address Message Cards

On January 1, 2018, recycle any old copies of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide. All Post Offices™ will receive the new January – March 2018 issue of Publication 75 by December 31, 2017. Mover’s Guides ship quarterly to each Post Office; usage predetermines shipment amounts, with each Post Office receiving an adequate supply for each quarter. Post Offices receive replenishment supplies at the end of March, June, September, and December — once received, you must recycle the previous quarter’s material. To determine if the material is outdated, refer to the down date on the outside of the box.

Note: Offices receiving over 250 Mover’s Guides for the quarter will also receive a second shipment about 3 to 5 weeks after the initial shipment. If you need more Mover’s Guides, reorder through the eBuy2 website.

For further clarification, here is an example of the Mover’s Guide shipment and reorder process:

1. The North Pole branch in North Pole, AK, will receive 750 Mover’s Guides for Q1, 2018.

2. Upon receipt of the new Mover’s Guides, the North Pole branch must recycle all material with a down date of December 31, 2017.

3. Around February 1, 2018, the North Pole branch will receive 500 additional Mover’s Guides.

4. If the North Pole branch runs out of Mover’s Guides before March 15, they must reorder through the eBuy2 website.

To track your office’s shipment, go to and click Mover’s Guide (Pub 75) Distribution for January – March 2018. To search for your office, highlight the “Fedstrip” column and press Ctrl + F.

Internet Change of Address Message Card Information

As of October 2017, we no longer mail Internet Change of Address (ICOA) message cards directly to Post Offices. If any Post Office runs out of ICOA message cards, please reorder through the eBuy2 website.

Please remember the following:

n We print and distribute Mover’s Guide four times each year.

n Keep copies of Mover’s Guide behind the counter only, not in inner or outer lobbies, clerk counters, or in delivery trucks.

n Give customers who are unwilling or unable to submit their change of address at a complete, unopened copy of Mover’s Guide.

n Limit of one Mover’s Guide per customer. Upon request, you may provide up to three copies.