Organization Information

Address Management

Mover’s Guides and Internet Change of Address Message Cards

After October 1, 2018, recycle any old copies of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide. All Post Offices™ should have received the new October–December 2018 issue of Publication 75 by September 30, 2018.

Since more customers submit change-of-address orders online, Post Offices need fewer Mover’s Guide copies. Conserve copies the following ways:

n Make sure customers know that is the most convenient, safe, and secure way to submit a change-of-address order.

n Encourage carriers to take Internet Change of Address (ICOA) message cards on their routes instead of Mover’s Guide copies.

Important Reminders

n The Postal Service™ prints and distributes Mover’s Guide four times a year.

n Keep Mover’s Guide copies behind the counter only, not in inner or outer lobbies or on clerk counters.

n Give customers who are unwilling or unable to submit their change of address at a complete, unopened copy of Mover’s Guide.

n Limit of one Mover’s Guide per customer. Upon request, you may provide up to three copies.

Shipment Information and Inventory Management

Post Offices will receive copies of Mover’s Guide in one or two shipments. The first shipments should have arrived by the end of September. The second shipments will arrive 3 to 5 weeks later.

n Boxes with pink stickers are the first shipment for this print run.

n Boxes with green stickers are the second and final shipment for this print run.

To track shipment information, go to and click Mover’s Guide (Pub 75) Distribution for October–December 2018. To search for your office, highlight the “Fedstrip” column and press Ctrl + F. To reorder copies of Mover’s Guide, use the eBuy2 website ( and search for PSN 7610-03-000-4795.

Internet Change of Address Message Card Information

The Postal Service no longer mails ICOA message cards directly to Post Offices. To reorder ICOA Message cards, use the eBuy2 website ( and search for PSN 7610-18-000-2416.