Supply Management

Capital Property is Now Managed in Solution for Enterprise Asset Management

Effective February 4, 2020, the Postal Service™ capital property assets will be managed within Solution for Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) using automated workflows to route disposals and transfers to the appropriate Material Accountability Officer (MAO) or manager for approval.

The Annual Capital Property Certification will also use SEAM to carry out the required yearly certification of a sample of USPS® capital assets. San Mateo Accounting Services will continue to use the Property and Equipment Accounting System (PEAS) to track and depreciate capital property assets. PEAS will transmit additions, adjustments, and asset updates to SEAM. MAOs in the field and Headquarters units will initiate transfers and retirements in SEAM, and once approved, these transactions will interface back to PEAS through the automated workflows.

This change eliminates the use of PS Form 969, Material Recycling and Disposal, and PS Form 7340, Property Transfer Request, to process disposals and transfers for capital assets.

By the Numbers. 55 cents: Price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, effective January 27, 2019.