Happening Now: Changes to the USPS Internet Landscape

Malware, phishing, and ransomware — these are just a few of the common cyberthreats facing the Postal Service™ day in and day out. Every year, these types of threats grow in frequency and sophistication.

To help protect the Postal Service from these threats, the Internet Alignment Initiative was rolled out on February 8, 2021. This initiative launched a multi-level Internet access structure for all ACE users on USPS-issued devices. This includes desktops, laptops, smartphones (when on the USPS network), and tablets.

The initiative will strengthen the Postal Service’s cybersecurity posture, mitigate evolving cyberthreats, and align ACE users’ Internet privileges with their job function.

While the Internet is a great tool, it has a dark side. Just a single visit to the wrong website or one click of a malicious link or attachment could damage the Postal Service network. That’s why cybersecurity is a top priority for executive leadership and a shared responsibility for all Postal Service employees and contractors.

“This initiative provides greater safeguards to protect the Postal Service and its employees, customers, and partners from cyberthreats,” said Greg Crabb, USPS vice president and chief information security officer.

The deadline for requesting Internet access in eAccess is March 19, 2021. ACE users who do not meet the deadline will have their Internet access defaulted to a basic level. This could then impact the user’s ability to access websites necessary to fulfill job functions.

Note: The United States Postal Inspection Service® (USPIS®) fully supports the initiative. USPIS will receive separate communications with details and specific action steps for its ACE users.

For more information, visit the Internet Alignment Initiative on Blue at blue.usps.gov/cyber/internet-access-and-mobile-protection-initiatives/internet-access-initiative.htm.

To submit questions or comments about the Internet Alignment Initiative, send an email to CISO at X5TSP0@usps.gov.