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CyberSafe Mobile Device Security: FY 2022 Courses Due by June 6

Threats to digital information are growing in frequency and sophistication worldwide. Protecting USPS® employee, customer, and supplier data from these threats is a priority for the Postal Service™. Everyone has a role to play in protecting this data.

It’s time for employees and contractors who have USPS-issued mobile devices to do their part to protect critical data by completing mandatory, annual CyberSafe Mobile Device Security training. This training is due by June 6, 2022.

This year, the training course offers employees the ability to “test out” of the course or individual topics. The pretest, which covers the two topics in the training — Data Protection and Application Use and Security — allows users to skip the content they already know and review the content for which they need a refresher.

Based on the pretest results, one, both, or none of the topics will be presented for review. Complete the identified content (if any), take the end of course assessment (if required), acknowledge the course, and the course requirement is fulfilled.

By taking the FY 2022 CyberSafe Mobile Device Security training course this year, employees will learn the proper security measures for using their postal-issued smart mobile devices. This course also provides users with policy information, best practices, and tools available to them to assist in securing their devices.

Employees and contractors who have USPS-issued smart mobile devices can access the course now through HERO at