Publication 685 Revision: Postage Assessment Process Table

Effective October 20, 2022, the Postal Service™ is revising Publication 685, Publication for Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats, to replace the current table in Exhibit 7-3, “Postage Assessment Process,” with a new table that includes new minimum value changes for postage assessment that became effective September 1, 2022. Customers will see these changes reflected in their October 2022 Mailer Scorecard.

The new minimum assessment values for adjusted postage due across Full Service, eInduction®, and Seamless/Automated Verifications are less than $500.00. The adjusted postage due for Move Update is less than $50.00.

The Mailer Scorecard provides a dashboard view of the results of the letter and flat mailing activity with the Postal Service over a calendar month. Verifications are performed and errors are calculated on the mailings submitted during that month up until the 10th day of the following month. This aggregated data is updated daily and measured against established thresholds.

Although the Postal Service will publish these revisions in a future edition of Publication 685, the standards are effective immediately.

Publication 685, Publication for Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats

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7 Postage Assessment After Verification

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7-3 Assessment Process Overview

Exhibit 7-3

Postage Assessment Process

[Replace the current table in Exhibit 7-3 with the new table that reads as follows:]


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The Postal Service will incorporate this revision into the next edition of online Publication 685, which is available on the PolicyNet website:

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n In the left-hand column, click Essential Links, and then click PolicyNet.

n Go to the right-hand side under “Published Forms and Directives.”

n Click Publications.

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