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Environmental Compliance Reminder: Training Requirements

Environmental compliance training ensures that employees are competent to perform tasks that can have a significant impact on the environment. This training is also required by federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, as well as Postal Service™ policy.

Environmental compliance training requirements vary based on the operations and systems at each site, local jurisdiction, and employee roles and responsibilities. Postal Service sites that generate hazardous or regulated waste, store oil in aboveground or underground storage tanks, or conduct vehicle maintenance activities may have more training requirements.

Site installation heads are responsible for ensuring that employees receive required environmental compliance training based on their responsibilities. Employees must be trained before performing the activity or within a specified period after hire (e.g., within the first 90 days). Additionally, recurring training may be required.

Environmental compliance training courses are now virtual and available on demand in HERO at

For more information about required courses, the employee audience for each course, and the associated training frequency, see the Environmental Training Matrix at

Additional training materials, including service talks and videos, are available on the Sustainability website at