Environmental Management

Refrigerant Management Compliance Reminder

When released, refrigerants can harm the environment. Refrigerant-containing equipment (e.g., chillers, air conditioners, fire suppression systems, drinking fountains, refrigerators, and freezers) at Postal Service™ sites must be managed in accordance with USPS® and regulatory requirements. This includes requirements for training, handling, recordkeeping, and disposal, which apply to both Postal Service employees and contractors performing maintenance on USPS equipment.

Follow these requirements for proper refrigerant management:

n Never vent or release refrigerants into the atmosphere for any reason.

n Maintain required refrigerant documentation:

n Records of system maintenance, service, and repair, particularly those documenting refrigerant addition or removal. Sites must obtain and maintain records from contractors who service refrigerant-containing equipment. The contractor records must show the work performed, not just contractor hours on-site.

n Individual service logs and leak-rate calculations whenever refrigerant is added for systems containing more than 50 pounds of refrigerants.

n Training records.

n Regulatory air permits and related fees.

n Investigate refrigerant leaks and repair leaking equipment immediately.

n Complete required training and obtain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) technician certification:

n Employees who maintain, service, or repair refrigerant-containing equipment must be certified, including employees who service motor vehicle air conditioning systems.

n Employees who purchase refrigerants may also require certification.

n Manage refrigerant storage cylinders properly:

n Store in a centralized, secure location that is restricted to authorized employees.

n Purchase and use cylinders that are certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute and Underwriters Laboratories.

n Label refrigerant cylinders clearly.

n Document each cylinder purchase and use of the refrigerant.

n Only use recovery cylinders that are within 5 years of their last certification.

n Dispose of refrigerants, refrigerant-containing equipment, and cylinders properly:

n Refrigerant equipment. Evacuate refrigerants and tag equipment as “Empty.” Use a local waste management or scrap vendor for disposal and keep disposal records.

n Refrigerants and refrigerant-containing cylinders. Recycle waste refrigerants using an EPA-approved reclaimer. Keep records of off-site shipments. Never send refrigerants for disposal and never mix refrigerant types in the same cylinder.

n Empty refrigerant cylinders. Label as “Empty” and recycle with other steel recyclables at a local steel recycling center. Never reuse nonrefillable cylinders.

For more information, consult your designated USPS environmental contact at blue.usps.gov/sustainability/contact.htm and review the following guidance documents:

n Refrigerant Management Environmental Compliance Bulletin at blue.usps.gov/sustainability/environmental/_pdf/ecb-refrigerant-management.pdf.

n National Refrigerant Management Policies and Procedures Maintenance Management Order (MMO-056-20) at mtsc.usps.gov/pdf/MMO/2020/MMO05620.pdf.