Nonpayable Claims

The following conditions justify the denial of a claim:

  1. No evidence of insurance coverage is provided.
  2. The mail does not bear the complete names and addresses of the mailer and addressee, or is undeliverable as addressed to either the addressee or the mailer.
  3. The loss, damage, or missing contents occurred in either of the following circumstances:
  4. After delivery by the Postal Service, including when the item was signed for by the addressee’s agent or the delivery employee (if authorized under the applicable standards).
  5. After the Postal Service transferred the article to another carrier or agent to complete the delivery.
  6. The loss, damage, or missing contents was caused by employees or agents of the sender or addressee.
  7. The claim is based on the mailer’s or addressee’s failure to follow the required procedures, including in the following circumstances:
  8. The mailer or addressee failed to cooperate in the completion of required claim forms within the published time limits.
  9. After the adjudication of the claim, the mailer or addressee did not, within the time limits specified in the Postal Operations Manual, collect items that had previously been submitted to the Postal Service for retention until the adjudication of the claim.
  10. Items were sent COD without the addressee’s consent.
  11. The mailer refused to accept delivery of the parcel on return.
  12. Perishable contents melted, spoiled, froze, or deteriorated.
  13. Damage (such as abrasion, scarring, or scraping) occurred because the article was not properly wrapped for protection.
  14. The fragile nature of the article prevented its safe carriage in the mail, regardless of packaging.
  15. The claim is for a nonmailable, prohibited, or restricted item that was not prepared and mailed according to postal standards, or for any item packaged in such a manner that it could not have reached its destination undamaged in the normal course of the mail.
  16. The requested replacement value exceeds the actual value at the time and place of mailing.
  17. The claim is based on any of the following:
  18. Solely on sentimental value rather than actual value.
  19. On consequential loss rather than the actual value of the article.
  20. On a delay of the mail, except under DMM 609.4.2a2 and DMM 609.4.3a–d.
  21. On consequence of the loss of a Priority Mail Express item, except under DMM 609.4.2a2 and DMM 609.4.3a–d.
  22. The claim concerns the following:
  23. Lottery tickets, sweepstakes tickets, contest entries, and similar items.
  24. Gift cards.
  25. Event tickets (e.g., tickets for a concert, theater performance, sporting event, etc.) or transportation tickets (e.g., tickets for an airline, bus, train, etc.) that were received after the date of the event or departure. Such items are insured for loss, but not for delay or for receipt after the date of the event or departure for which they were purchased, unless the mailer used Priority Mail Express service and the delay is attributable solely to the Postal Service’s failure to meet the guaranteed delivery standard under the terms and conditions for the Priority Mail Express service used.
  26. The claim involves the contents of film (e.g., positives, negatives, slides, transparencies, videotapes, laser disks, x-rays, MRI prints, CAT scan prints), the cost of creating or recreating these items, or the photographer’s time and expense in taking the photographs.
  27. The claim is for either of the following:
  28. Damage to a containerized item is caused by shock, transportation environment, or x-ray, but without evidence of damage to the mailing container.
  29. The claim is for radioactive injury, electrical or magnetic injury, or erasure of electrical recordings.
  30. The claim concerns software installed on computers that have been lost or damaged.
  31. The claim is for the death of animals in any of the following circumstances:
  32. The death of baby poultry was caused by shipment to points where delivery could not be made within 72 hours from the time of hatching, unless it is determined that transportation was in place to achieve the 72-hour target.
  33. The death of honeybees, crickets, and live animals is not the fault of the Postal Service.
    1. Note: The mailability of these insects and animals is subject to Publication 52, chapter 5.

  34. The claim concerns adult birds sent by Priority Mail Express service when there is no physical damage to the container.
  35. The claim is for personal time as follows:
  36. Personal time required to replace documents.
  37. Personal time used to make hobby, craft, or similar handmade items.
  38. The article or part or all of its contents were officially seized while in the military postal system outside the United States.
  39. The claim is based on the results of war, insurrection, civil disturbance, or seizure by any agency of government