Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the postage be reimbursed?
  2. If the article was lost, you may request reimbursement for postage paid when filing a claim.

  3. Are insurance fees reimbursed?
  4. Insurance fees are not reimbursed. The fee covers the cost of providing the insurance.

  5. My claim was denied for Filing Tolerance, and the denial letter instructed me to submit a PS Form 3760, Package Search Request — what should I do?
  6. File an appeal (see the “Appealing a Denied Claim Decision” section) and submit a copy of a completed PS Form 3760.

  7. Where can I find information about the cost of insurance?
  8. To find information about insurance fees, refer to Notice 123, Price List, which is available on the Postal Explorer site at — under “Prices,” click on Price List (Notice 123); under “Domestic” and under “Services & Fees,” see “Extra Services and Fees.”

  9. How long does it take to receive payment for an insurance claim?
  10. After receiving a completed online claim that includes all required supporting documentation for a payable claim, the Postal Service generally pays the claim within 5–7 business days.

  11. If I sent a package to an APO/FPO/DPO address in another country and the package was lost, is my claim domestic or international?
  12. An item sent to an APO/FPO/DPO is considered domestic mail and therefore requires a domestic claim.

  13. I never received my package — where can I find the article/tracking number to file my claim?
  14. The article/tracking number is on the mailing receipt. You might need to contact the mailer.

  15. What if both the mailer and the addressee file a claim for payment?
  16. The Postal Service makes payment to the mailer unless the mailer and addressee agree that the addressee should receive payment.

  17. What is the process to repay the Postal Service when a claim has been paid but the package was later delivered?
  18. If you receive a package after being paid for the claim, you must reimburse the Postal Service the full amount that was paid. However, if you haven’t yet cashed the check, you can return the check to a local Post Office.

  19. Does postal insurance cover gift cards that are lost in the mail?
  20. No, postal insurance does not cover the loss of gift cards. Some gift card companies will replace a lost card if it was registered with or purchased directly from the company, and/or if you have a purchase receipt or the gift card number. (For cash and coins, see DMM 609.)

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