REDRESS — A Conflict Resolution Process

When you seek EEO counseling, the EEO ADR Specialist will tell you about REDRESS, an alternative dispute resolution process that provides an opportunity for you and the appropriate management official to discuss your complaint with the help of a professionally trained mediator. REDRESS mediators are not employees of the Postal Service. REDRESS mediators help the parties to identify the core issues of their dispute and explore possible solutions. Employees usually find this opportunity for direct communication and conflict resolution satisfying and effective.

Your participation in REDRESS is voluntary and may be done on the clock. The Postal Service pays the cost of the mediator. The mediator keeps everything said in mediation confidential.

Some issues are not appropriate for REDRESS. The EEO office will tell you when the issue you have raised is inappropriate.

When the EEO ADR Specialist offers you the option to take part in REDRESS and you agree in writing to do so, the precomplaint processing period is 90 calendar days from the date of your initial contact with the EEO office.