10-2 Postage Payment

For a Priority Mail Open and Distribute mailing with postage applied by frank or penalty mail permit imprint, the mail service provider must use a manifesting system to account for the Priority Mail postage for each sack or tray. Manifesting is the accepted industry method of entering nonidentical permit imprint mailings and allows for the use of a computer system that automatically transmits the weight information from a scale to the computer system to document the postage for each sack or tray. The recommended format for the manifest and summary page is in Appendix D.

Each sack or tray is identified with a unique number. The identification number, weight, and postage are reflected on the manifest. Off–the–shelf manifesting systems are readily available from private companies. The directions to obtain a list of known companies appears in Appendix E.

Complete PS Form 3600–R using the totals from the manifest with G–300 filled in as the permit number.

Attach Tag 161 or Tag 190 to each Priority Mail sack or address label to each tray box, showing either the Member’s frank or the permit imprint in the postage area, as shown in Exhibit 10-2.

Exhibit 10-2 

Member’s Permit Imprint


Priority Mail

Postage and Fees Paid

House of Representatives

U.S. Congress

Permit No. G–300

Note: Express Mail® Open and Distribute mailings by House Members may not be paid for under the OMAS.