11 For All Mailings

11-1 Postage Statements

The postage statement, PS Form 3602-R or PS Form 3600-R, must be completed in full in the unshaded areas and for each container type identified on the statement. The Post Office will complete the shaded areas. The following items, a to h, are necessary for each statement:

  1. Post Office of mailing, including ZIP Code.
  2. Date of mailing.
  3. Permit No. G300.
  4. Federal Agency Cost Code (the Member’s unique 5–digit cost code number).
  5. The name and address of the Member in the “Permit Holder’s Name and Address” block.
  6. The mail service provider’s name and address in the “Name and Address of Mailing Agent” block.
  7. All required piece, weight, and postage computation information on both sides of the forms.
  8. Signature and telephone number of the mailing agent (the mail service provider or staffer who is presenting the mailing).

If a receipt is required, submit the form in duplicate.

Note: Items Permit No. G-300 and Federal Agency Cost Code above are highlighted because their use is critical to Postal Service tracking and processing activities. These postage statements will be transmitted through PostalOne! to the Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS). OMAS then automatically sorts these mailings as “House” mailings (identified through the use of the G-300 permit number), then by individual Member (based on the correct 5-digit cost code).