8 Meter and PC Postage Reply Mail

8-1 Overview

Under the following conditions, mailers may use indicia generated by any postage evidencing system to prepay reply postage on Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail pieces (when the price is the same for all zones), on First–Class Mail pieces, and on single-piece-price Media Mail and Library Mail pieces:

  1. The postage amount must be sufficient to prepay the full postage due.
  2. Indicia must be printed directly on the mailpiece and must appear in the upper-right corner of the envelope, at least 1/4" from the right edge of the mailpiece and 1/4" from the top edge of the mailpiece.
  3. Indicia must not show the date.
  4. Mailpieces must be pre-addressed for return to the authorized user only.
  5. The words “NO POSTAGE STAMP NECESSARY POSTAGE HAS BEEN PREPAID BY” must be preprinted directly above the address.
  6. Mailers may use FIM A on barcoded letter-size First-Class Mail reply mail except when using PC Postage service.
  7. When using PC Postage, mailers must use FIM D for prepaid reply mail when printing the indicium directly on the mailpiece.
  8. The address side must appear as described in this section and as shown in Exhibit 8-1a — the mailer may not add anything else.

Exhibit 8-1a provides layout guidelines for a Meter or PC Postage reply mail envelope, and Exhibit 8-1b provides a Meter or PC Postage reply mail checklist.

Exhibit 8-1a

Meter or PC Postage Reply Mail Layout Guidelines

Meter or PC Postage Reply Mail piece

Exhibit 8-1b

Meter or PC Postage Reply Mail Checklist


Meter or PC Postage Reply Mail Checklist

This checklist is provided to assist mailers with designing Meter or PC Postage Reply Mail.

  1. Facing Identification Mark (FIM)
  2. FIM A is used.
  3. FIM is properly positioned.
  4. Minimum Print Reflectance Difference (PRD) is met.
  5. No extraneous printing is in the FIM clear zone.
  6. Meter or PC Postage Stamp
  7. Stamp is properly positioned.
  8. Stamp contains no date.
  9. Stamp is legible.
  10. Postage is sufficient for type and weight of piece — for example: First-Class and ounce(s), or Priority Mail Flat-Rate and ounce(s) or pound(s).
  12. Letters are all capitals.
  13. Letters are at least 3/16" high.
  14. Endorsement is properly worded.
  15. Delivery Address Block
  16. Delivery address line (street address/PO Box number) is directly about city/state/ZIP+4 line.
  17. ZIP+4 Code corresponds with ZIP+4 barcode.
  18. City/state/ZIP+4 line is at least 5/8" from bottom edge of piece.
  19. City/state/ZIP+4 line is no higher than 2-1/4" from bottom edge of piece.
  20. For window envelopes: minimum clearances between address block (including barcode) and window edges are maintained on all sides during “insert shift.”
  21. Barcode and Lower-right Barcode Clear Zone
  22. Barcode is correctly positioned (in address block or barcode clear zone).
  23. Barcode is readable.
  24. Print reflectance minimum is met.
  25. If barcoded in the barcode clear zone: no extraneous printing or other matter is in the zone.
  26. Other
  27. Aspect ratio is met.
  28. Dimensions are within the letter-size standards and piece is automation compatible.
  29. Piece is at least 5" long.
  30. Piece is at least 3-1/2" high.
  31. If no larger than 6" long by 4-1/4" high, piece is at least 0.007" thick, and at least 0.009" thick if piece is larger than 6" long or 4-1/4" high" or both.
  32. For official mail: endorsed “Official Business, Penalty for Private Use $300” in the upper-left area.