Mailpiece Authorization Process

The account holder must submit a mailpiece design by email to the Program Office for review and approval before printing the mailpieces. The submitted design must depict both sides of the mailpiece. The provided image must be a high-quality electronic image, and the design must appear exactly as it will be printed and must contain either defined outer edges or crop marks.

An account holder who would like to use multiple mailpiece designs or make changes to approved designs must individually submit an electronic image for each design.

Note: If the only change to an already approved design is the preprinted address, no review is required.

When submitting a sample for consideration, the account holder must include the required mailing elements for review and approval:

  1. FIM E.
  2. The indicia.
  3. A unique or static IMb.

The account holder must submit all mailpiece sample designs for review to the Program Office by email at The Program Office responds to all inquiries within 48 hours after receipt of the sample. The entire review and approval process may take up to 7 business days.