Ancillary Service Endorsements

ACS is an enhancement to the existing manual address correction process provided with the use of Ancillary Service endorsements on all mail classes except Periodicals. The following ancillary services are available for use with ACS on First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, Package Services, and Parcel Select:

  • Address Service Requested provides forwarding and address correction services when possible. If the mail is undeliverable and not forwardable, it is returned to the sender with the reason identified on the mailpiece.
  • Change Service Requested provides address correction services without forwarding or return. If undeliverable, either the new address or the reason it is undeliverable is provided to the sender.
  • Return Service Requested provides address correction services and always returns the piece.

The printed endorsement “Electronic Service Requested” is available for use only if the mailer is requesting ACS notices. The request for Address Service Requested, Change Service Requested, and Return Service Requested is contained in the Intelligent Mail barcode or in the ACS profile retained and managed by the ACS Department at the National Customer Support Center in Memphis, TN. “Electronic Service Requested” must not be printed on mail that requests manual or no address corrections.

For more information regarding the use of these ancillary service endorsements and the requirements for printing, refer to the DMM.

ACS mailers have the advantage of additional options for each of these endorsements. Periodicals do not require a printed endorsement to receive electronic address corrections. ACS publication mailers have multiple options for when they may be notified that an addressee has moved. For details about these additional options, refer to the DMM or to the technical documentation available for the preferred ACS implementation method.