Fulfillment Files

We encourage new and current ACS participants to sign up for a Fulfillment Service called SingleSource ACS. SingleSource ACS fulfillment removes the need for handling different file formats when dealing with Full Service ACS, OneCode ACS, IMpb ACS, and Traditional ACS. With SingleSource ACS, all of the ACS notices are combined into a single file format and are provided via Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF). In addition to providing all ACS transactions in the same fulfillment format, it also provides detailed shipping notice data files and invoice data files that allow the customer to automate the reconciliation of fulfillment files (this feature is not provided with just OneCode ACS). Participating in SingleSource ACS is as easy as selecting SingleSource ACS on the enrollment form. Information regarding SingleSource ACS is available at https://postalpro.usps.com/address-quality/ACS — scroll down to the section titled “ACS Technical Guides.”

Traditional ACS notices are provided to participating mailers daily, semiweekly, weekly, semimonthly, or monthly, depending on the fulfillment option and their needs.

OneCode ACS, IMpb ACS, and SingleSource ACS fulfillments are provided to participating mailers daily. If a Traditional ACS code is associated with a OneCode or SingleSource account the fulfillment will be daily.

Traditional, OneCode, IMpb ACS Notices, and SingleSource fulfillments are posted to our secure Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web site. ACS fulfillment files are provided in a “zip” file format and are password protected. The files are compressed to save space and download time. The customer will need to obtain the appropriate software package to decompress the data back into a normal text file. The customer is responsible for the retrieval of the ACS fulfillment files from the EPF account. The fulfillment files are deleted from the EPF account after 95 days. Specific information regarding file downloading and access is available at https://postalpro.usps.com/address-quality/ACS — scroll down to the section titled “ACS Technical Guides.”

Full Service ACS notices from the Full Service qualified pieces continue to be fulfilled through the Business Customer Gateway, regardless if the customer participates in SingleSource, the Web interface to all United States Postal Service online services and full-service tools. Postal Service business customers log on through a single sign-on using their username and password. Mailers who qualify for the Full Service option can either download their Address Correction notices or subscribe to a Push or Pull option method.

Specific information and instructions regarding Business Customer Gateway access and options for retrieval of Full Service ACS notices is available at https://postalpro.usps.com/ElectronicMailingInfoReportsGuide.