A-2 Facsimile Forms

Any facsimile PS Form 8125 must contain all required information found on the Postal Service form, including the correct form title (preceded by the word “facsimile”) and form date, in the same relative location. Facsimile formats must be approved in advance by the district Business Mail Entry manager or designee. The mailer may omit fields for prices or preparation methods that are not included in the mailing(s) reported on the form.

All PS Forms 8125-CD must be a computer-generated facsimile. On PS Form 8125-C and 8125-CD, the mailer may omit the Number of Pieces and Piece Weight columns for mailings prepared in sacks or trays or on pallets, if there is sufficient information on form to allow the origin office and destination facility to identify the mailings reported and to compare the information on the form with the physical mail. If mailings consist of individual mail pieces that are not prepared in containers, such as bed loaded parcels, the mailer must report the number of pieces in each mailing on PS Form 8125-C.