4-2 System Authorization

Appointment and report functions are restricted to registered customers, appointment coordinators, and other approved Postal Service personnel who have been issued appropriate access. To obtain access to FAST, follows these steps:

  1. New Users. Customers register via the Postal Service Business Customer Gateway (http://gateway.usps.com) by selecting “New Users” under Login.
  2. Existing Users. Registered customers may begin the login process in one of two ways as follows:
    1. The user may navigate to the “Welcome to FAST page by accessing https://fast.usps.com/. From there, the user is directed to the Business Customer Gateway page upon clicking the “Login to FAST” link located in the Left Navigation Bar or the Business Customer Gateway link located at the bottom of the page.
    2. The user may navigate directly to the Business Customer Gateway page and enter his or her User Name and Password. The user may access FAST by clicking the “Schedule a Mailing Appointment (FAST) hyperlink under the Mail and Transport section of the page.
  3. Postal Service Users. Postal Service employees register for FAST by using the procedures associated with eAccess. Available under “Reference Documents” in the “Resources” section, the “FAST Customer User Guide” provides information on user roles and duties assigned to the roles.