6-4 Postal Service Responsibilities

6-4.1 Safety

Facility managers provide for the safety of all employees and require compliance with procedures for the proper handling of all vehicles processed at their facilities. Supervisors need to promote a safe work environment for Postal Service employees and other personnel when unsafe or unstable mailings are detected at the destination facility. Upon notification of receipt of an unsafe or unstable vehicle load, the supervisor performs an initial inspection of the vehicle. If the load and/or vehicle is deemed to be unsafe or unstable, the supervisor refuses the mailing and advises the driver the reason for the vehicle’s refusal.

At a NDC or P&DC, the supervisor should annotate in SV or TIMES the reason for refusal and may contact the safety specialist for assistance. Documentation should then be sent to eMIR for follow up with the mailer. When possible, include photographs of the unsafe condition. At a delivery unit, keep a copy of the PS Form 8125 and annotate the refusal in the Comments section.

All dock personnel must perform their duties in a safe manner. Upon receipt of a questionable vehicle load, they must notify the supervisor for inspection. When available, the safety specialist inspects questionable loads and recommends the proper course of action to the supervisor.