USPS BlueEarth Federal Recycling

We support our customers’ waste reduction efforts through our USPS BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program. This innovative mailing solution makes it easy for federal agencies to recycle ink cartridges and unwanted electronic devices free of charge using the postal network. It enables federal agencies to manage these wastes in a secure and environmentally safe manner. Twenty-three federal agencies are currently enrolled, including USPS. Federal agencies receive a recycling activity report with data to assist them in meeting sustainability requirements. Additionally, this effort is recognized as an example of “federal government leading by example” under the National Strategy for Electronic Stewardship.

USPS BlueEart, Federal Recycling Program

Working toward zero waste

The San Francisco District, in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Environmental Protection and USPS Office of Sustainability, is working toward implementation of a zero waste environment. This is in support of a city and county goal to become zero waste by 2020. The district has set up a backhaul hub at the San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center to receive mixed paper, plastic sheeting and cardboard from stations, branches and associate offices. Containers have been placed at 31 sites to capture composted materials, recycling and trash. Costs have been reduced by approximately 28 percent and waste from the offices, which would have gone to the landfills, has been diverted to composting and recycling streams.

The state of California also approved a new law similar to the zero waste ordinance established by San Francisco requiring all commercial generators of waste to implement zero waste programs. Our efforts in San Francisco will serve as a model for quickly setting up similar programs throughout the Pacific Area.