Price Change Preparation and Implementation

For the first time, there were separate mailing and shipping services price changes. The shipping services price changes coincided with competitors’ price changes in January. The timing strategically aligned the Postal Service with standard shipping industry practice. In May, new prices for mailing services were implemented.

To help customers make a smooth transition, the Web site provided a comprehensive overview of the price and product changes. The main page featured the new prices and provided quick and easy access to key mailing and shipping guidelines. Downloadable price files, mailing standards, and links to Federal Register notices were also posted. Online services on and on partner sites such as eBay were updated with the prices and enhancements. Webcasts were a part of outreach activities for the software vendor community, and presentations and briefing materials were posted online for Postal Customer Council organizers to use at local meetings.

The Domestic Mail Manual, International Mail Manual, and all related documents were revised and posted on The DMM Advisory electronic newsletter also provided customers with price change information. In addition, presentations were provided to the Technical Speakers’ Bureau, rate implementation coordinators, Business Service Network, and many other customer and mailing industry outreach groups. Postal Explorer, a popular online resource among commercial and small business mailers, provided quick and easy access to all updated price change information and materials, including price calculators, quick service guides, and postage statements.

To support effective internal communications to employees during both price change periods, comprehensive field information kits were published in the Postal Bulletin that included detailed information, employee talks, anticipated questions and answers, and other material to prepare employees for the changes. These kits also helped ensure that consistent and accurate information was readily available to enable employees to respond to customer questions.

image of a postal worker loading a truck at night