Change-Of-Address Data

Customers submitted 43.8 million COA requests, a slight decline from the previous year. More than 9.1 million COA transactions were from Internet change-of-address requests at, an increase of 14.7 percent. The increase in Internet COA entries improves the timeliness and accuracy of the address information supplied by the customer and reduces Postal Service costs to handle the orders.

With a strategic alliance partner, Imagitas, the Postal Service launched a new customer interface that allows limited changes and cancelation of a COA online. COA Correct is available for customers to modify effective dates, change status from family to individual and temporary to permanent, or completely cancel an active change order. COA Correct is a customer service milestone.

The Postal Service is working closely with the Census Bureau on the 2010 census on addressing issues for the four mailings to be made in March and April 2010 that together will exceed 415 million pieces. Work is also being done to identify and, as requested, provide destruction of UAA volumes.