Learning Assets

The Postal Service’s two resident training centers are corporate assets that continue to provide a venue for learning and meeting for both internal and external clients.

The William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development is the national executive management and leadership training center for the Postal Service. Its mission is to continue to provide a premier learning environment for managers to develop, plan, and grow. Over 70,000 people used the center, including 10,649 employees who attended courses and meetings. Training and conference support for non-postal clients generated more than $14 million.

The National Center for Employee Development (NCED), Norman, OK, is the primary facility for learning to maintain and operate postal systems, networks, equipment, and vehicles. NCED delivered courses to 286,100 people, 24 percent fewer students than in 2008. 36,757 employees attended the NCED campus or instructor led-training in their home office, taking courses that ran from three days to six-weeks. Another 249,343 employees completed courses in their home offices through eLearning and DVDs.