Facilities Management System (eFMS)

eFMS is a custom-built Postal Service system. eFMS is used to manage work orders, contracts, and payments for facility construction, repairs and alteration contracts, along with real estate contracts. As noted above, contracting authority for real estate contracts has been delegated to the Vice President, Facilities, and therefore such activity is not within the scope of this report.

As a result of the organizational redesign, facility construction, repairs, and alteration contracts are now managed within SM. To promote data consistency across the contracting systems, eFMS uses the same competitive classification codes as maintained in CAMS.

From October 1, 2011, to September 30, 2012, there were a total of 1,010 contract actions executed equal to or above the competitive threshold ($10K) in eFMS with commitments totaling $213.4M. The commitment value of competitive contracting actions equaled $183M or 85.7% of total contract actions. The number of competitive contracting actions equaled 870 or 86.1% of total contracting actions.

See Appendix E for more details related to eFMS contract actions.