Green… By the Numbers

image of postal worker delivering mail from a bicycle

3 million - Total dollars saved during a 21-day challenge which reduced energy usage by 100 million kilowatts

24,000 - Number of tons of paper diverted from landfills through recycling efforts in 6,000 Post Office lobbies around the nation

30,000 - Total dollars being saved in energy costs with installation of the first green roof in New York City

10,000 - Number of delivery routes delivered on foot — our “fleet of feet”

1,900 - Number of alternative-fuel vehicles added to fleet during the past year

300 - Number of vehicles nationwide powered by biodiesel fuel

17 - Percent saved in building-related energy consumption since 2003

0 - Amount of emissions that come from the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles delivering mail in Irvine, CA, and Washington, DC

4 - Cost, in cents, per mile for the Postal Service to operate its T-3 three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles

40 - Number of White House Closing the Circle awards for environmental stewardship since 1996

41,000 - Number of alternative fuel–capable vehicles currently in the postal fleet

35 - Number of delivery vehicles that run on propane

41 - Percent of increase in alternative fuel use since 2006

30 - Number of electric 2-ton delivery vans in New York City

10,000 - Number of non-energy efficient vehicles removed from the Postal Service’s active delivery fleet this year

9 - Number of consecutive years the Postal Service has won the Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise Partner of the Year award for overall waste reduction achievements

Walking a route is about as green as you can deliver for America.

image of postal employee delivering froma fuel cell vehicle

Washington, DC, Letter Carrier Ronald L. Thomas loads mail into his hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.