FY2016 Results and FY2017 Targets for Corporate-Wide Goals

The Postal Service has established an enduring set of performance outcome goals that enable management and stakeholders to measure the success of our corporate strategies, operations and continuous improvement efforts over time:

These four corporate performance outcome goals and associated metrics are based on a balanced scorecard assessment of postal stakeholder needs and make up the framework of our National Performance Assessment (NPA) system. NPA enables our managers to monitor corporate-wide performance on a monthly basis related to each corporate performance target and to track associated performance indicators down to a scorecard for each Area of operation, District and business unit. The NPA performance scoring system is integrated into the annual Performance Evaluation System (PES) for all non-bargaining employees and serves as the basis for their annual Pay for Performance (PFP) program.

The NPA process also enables our managers to continuously monitor performance against these metrics to identify specific opportunities to improve operations and the workplace environment. The Postal Service annually evaluates the NPA metrics and measurement systems and assesses the need to make refinements necessary to adapt to changing customer expectations and business environment, or to adopt best practices.