Postal Pulse Survey/Employee Engagement

FY2016 Performance Report – Continuing to improve employee engagement is a top priority for the organization. The Postal Service is committed to creating a dynamic, highly engaged workplace where employees perform at consistently high levels and work in environments

that promote development, recognition and learning. This helps increase productivity and customer satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing safety incidents, turnover and absenteeism.

Employee engagement is measured through the Postal Pulse survey, which was conducted during the second quarter of FY2016. The survey, distributed to all employees by mail or email, identified key business opportunities related to employee well-being, profitability, customer service, accident reduction and employee retention.

In FY2016, we accomplished the following:

FY2016 results:

FY2017 Performance Plan – The Employee Engagement team will continue to provide targeted training to executives, managers and supervisors so they can take concrete actions to create and sustain more engaged work environments. The team will partner with other functions — such as Safety, Health and Wellness, and Learning and Development — to create a sustainable approach to engagement in multiple aspects of the organization.

Working with the Corporate Communications group, we will increase awareness about the importance of employee engagement across the organization and ensure our message is aligned to organizational strategy and overall Human Resources objectives. Employee Engagement will continue to research the most effective methods to administer the survey, including focus groups, post-event evaluations and multilevel delivery methods.

The Employee Engagement team will continue to share knowledge related to the successful implementation of engagement techniques and best practices. In conjunction with the Learning and Development function, team members will continue to provide expert facilitation within targeted leadership development programs. We’ll also provide updated materials and information to Learning and Development managers and ensure employee engagement is included in new and existing training programs.

One of the most significant contributions will continue to be the “State of the Team” process to create action plans and goals for improved employee engagement, and aligning the efforts of supervisors, managers and executives to meet these objectives. A metric used to determine the number of action plans created will also capture information about the plans in an electronic database. Improving interaction and engaging employees more effectively translates into better business results and increased levels of productivity.