Streamlining Customer Payment and Account Management Processes

Several initiatives in FY2016 improved our ability to manage customer incentives, contract pricing and loyalty tracking. At the same time, we gained deeper insights into how our customers use our products and their revenue contribution. New technical specifications, namely “Intelligent Mail Indicia Performance Criteria,” were published for PC Postage and meter vendors that will provide the Postal Service with improved product usage information. Improvements in payment and account management will reduce the current burden experienced by mailers in opening permits and managing accounts.

Payment Modernization – This initiative will replace current product-centric payment systems with a single, secure centralized payment and account management system. Accounts will be created and managed online, eliminating the need for hard copy forms and simplifying account setup and management. Commercial mailers will be able to use a single national account to pay for a variety of products and services (including permit mailings and commercial PO Boxes), view enterprise spending through integrated reporting and allow multiple users secure access to payment information using unique login credentials. Deployed in a phased approach, this initiative is expected to launch in FY2017.