5-2 PS Form 2729-A, Record of Loose Mail Dispatched

5-2.1 Description

For dispatch sites not utilizing S-AMS Alaska, the document used to authorize the dispatch of mail is PS Form 2729-A, Record of Loose Mail Dispatched. This is a multi-part form that has spaces for users to add variable data (see 5-2.2). See Appendix F for an image of PS Form 2729-A.

WADN, Denver provides the Alaska District with an annual supply of PS Form 2729-A. Each automated hub point is responsible for providing its assigned bush offices with this document and monitoring each office for correct usage.

PS Forms 2729-A are accountable papers — each form has an assigned control number, and no form can be destroyed. The administrative official at each air stop must account for all blank and voided forms. Each site using manual forms must provide the air carrier with a completed dispatch copy, and must forward the remaining completed or voided forms to its assigned hub point office. The assigned hub point is responsible for entering the date daily into S-AMS Alaska and for forwarding the remaining copy to the TANS office.