2-21.2 Supplier Diversity Objectives

Supplier diversity is the proactive business process that seeks to provide suppliers with access to purchasing and business opportunities. Supplier diversity is defined by:

Supplier diversity objectives include:

The supplier diversity objectives are aligned with Postal Service and SM objectives, which is a top-down approach. Laws, regulations, clauses, and provisions also contribute to shaping supplier diversity objectives. The PMG and VP, SM, convey the importance of supplier diversity. The Postal Service’s Web site, www.usps.com, includes a supplier diversity section, which contains information on supplier diversity, goals, processes, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and a stated commitment to supplier diversity by the PMG and VP, SM.

Supplier diversity objectives are universal to all Postal Service purchases; however, certain objectives may be more pertinent to specific types of purchases. The purchase’s progression through the Process Steps defines the diversity objectives for each purchase. For example, the Postal Service diversity objective of continuing to perform broad market analysis to identify other possible suppliers is more pertinent to the purchase if a noncompetitive sourcing method is to be used. The business case for a noncompetitive purchase must address the extent and result of the market research.

The Postal Service continually monitors supplier diversity objectives and results, and by doing so, further refines the determination and definition of those objectives, which is in line with the supplier diversity objective of continuous improvement. This refinement is conducted through meetings, reviews, data gathering, and other methods of examination.