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Postal Bulletin Published Since March
4, 1880----PB22041, January 11, 2001


The Postal Bulletin is also available on the World Wide
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for customers and at for employees.


      Handbook F-1 Revision: New Finance Forms for
      POS ONE Offices
      Use of Non-Authorized Credit Cards
      Handbook F-1 Revision: Update Exhibit 213, AIC
      Amount Multiples
      Reminder: Reporting Postage for Periodicals
      Handbook F-1 Revision: PVI Training Labels
      Handbook F-1 Revision: Business Reply and
      Postage Due Mail
      Handbook F-1 Revision: New Annual Fees and
      Business Reply Mail Quarterly Fee

    International Mail

      ICM Update: International Customized Mail
      Revision: Poster 51, International Postal Rates and Fees
      Service Talks: International Rate Restructuring


      Stamp Announcement 01-01: American Illustrators Commemorative Stamps
      Correction: Stamp Announcement 00-45 in Postal Bulletin 22040
      Stamp Announcement 01-02: Statue of Liberty Definitive Stamp
      Stamp Announcement 01-03: Farm Flag Definitive Stamp
      Stamp Announcement 01-04: Flowers Definitive Stamps
      Pictorial Cancellations Announcement
      Special Cancellation Die Hubs

    Post Offices

      All Mail Processing Offices: Substitute Mailbag for the
      First-Class Mail Number 1 Pouch
      Notice: Retrieval of Plastic Label Holders
      Level 13 and Below Offices: Safety and Health Inspections
      Notice: Use of No. 2 Domestic Canvas Pouches
      Washington's Birthday Poster

    Postal Employees

      Correction: Regular Rural Carrier Earnings Statement
      Revision: ELM and Forms 8167 and 8168
      All Postal Employees: 2000 Tax Information - Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
      Fitness-for-Duty Examinations


      Letter for Customers Resetting Meters at the Window
      What's in Store
      Postal Bulletin Distribution

The Postal Bulletin is also available on the World Wide
Web at
for customers and at for employees.

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The Postal Bulletin is published biweekly; information is effective for one year unless it changes a permanent directive or unless otherwise specified.