Cover-Singing Praises of Holiday Mail,Vonzell shines spotlight on Postal Service by signing autographs in NYC


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Customer Relations

Mail Alert

National Consumer Protection Week: Fighting Fraud: It's a Family Matter!


Safety Talk: Cold Weather Hazards


Postmaster/Field Guide Revision: Employee Emergency Salary Issued Process

Notice: Form W-5 Renewal

Notice: Procedures for Existing Express Mail Corporate Accounts 17

Notice: Use of Reason Codes in Conjunction With AIC 247/647, Financial Difference Overage/Shortage

Information Technology

Notice: FAST National Deployment Complete

International Mail

ICM Updates: International Customized Mail

Pull-Out Section

Fraud Alert

Domestic Orders

Withholding of Mail Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order Forms

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian Money Orders

Other Information

Overseas Military Mail

Missing Children Posters


2006 Requisition Schedule — Postage Stamps and Stamped Cards

Stamp Stock Items Withdrawn From Regular Sale and From Sale at Philatelic Centers

Ordering Information: 2006 Plain Stamped Envelope

Pictorial Postmarks Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Post Office Changes


Notice: Air Transportation Surcharge for Live Animals

Reminder: Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information, New Rate, and FY 2006 Schedule

Letter From Vice President of Public Affairs, Azeezaly S. Jaffer

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