Vending Package Procedures for Self-Service Equipment

The price of the Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp vending packages (Item 367200) (10 stamps) will increase to $5.50 from $4.50 on May 14. The Postal Service™ is not allowed to sell a product at a price higher than what is printed on the package. Therefore, offices must replace the labels on all vending packages. The price is not printed on the new label. Place the new label on top of the old label on the glassine envelope.

The new pricing labels were shipped directly to Stamp Distribution Offices (SDOs) to fill orders. Each label sheet has 25 labels. Offices with Breast Cancer Research semi­postal stamp vending stock must order as many sheets as necessary to re-label all of their vending stock.

You may re-price the packages immediately because the vending machines list the price of the package. Re-labeled stock will be sold for $4.50 through May 13 and $5.50 beginning May 14. Offices must replace the product identi­fier for the vending machine on May 14, and reset the price in the vending machine. The product identifier can be found on the following Web site: http://eagnmnsg10d:8082/prodid/main.jsp.

SDOs will ship labels with every new order of Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp vending packages until the old stock in the SDO is exhausted. If needed, additional labels are stocked at the accountable paper depositories (APDs).

Follow the instructions in your POS ONE Procedures Guide and the instructions for revaluing the vending stock inventory/credit available in the article “Stamp Stock Revaluation Instructions” in Postal Bulletin 22203a (4-6-07, pages 11–13).