Going the distance: This LLV puts long into life

Express Mail Clerk Chuck Woods regularly drives this LLV, which has logged more than 402,000 miles.They’re called “long-life vehicles.” But with 402,000 miles on the odometer, one delivery vehicle is single-handedly redefining the term.

The Kansas City, KS, long-life vehicle (LLV) has the highest mileage in the Western Area — and possibly the Postal Service.

Incredibly, Chuck Woods, an Express Mail clerk at the Kansas City, KS, Post Office, has put the majority of miles on the LLV. The well-traveled vehicle has been in service since 1994.

“We’re confident that ‘Chuck’s Truck’ — nicknamed by vehicle maintenance staff — will make it to a half million miles,” said Allen Knoll, Shawnee Mission Vehicle Mainte­nance supervisor. “Our VMF employees do an outstanding job of keeping our vehicles in safe working order — and on the road.”