Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates

Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates


ASM Revision: Responsibility for Licensing and Rights and Permissions Moves to Product Development

DMM Revision: New Option for Mailing Shipments Approved Under Department of Transportation Special Permit Authorization 9275

DMM Revision: New Mailpiece Design Options

DMM Revision: New Preparation Option for Periodicals Machinable Flat-Size Pieces

DMM Revision: New Eligibility Standards for In-County and Nonprofit Periodicals Rates

DMM Revision: Preparing Mixed ADC or Mixed AADC Letter Trays on SCF Pallets

DMM Revision: Mailability — Animal Fighting Accessories Are Considered Nonmailable Material

DMM Revision: Sortation Level Abbreviation for Periodicals Merged 3-Digit Sacks

DMM Revision: New Launch Application Procedure for Periodicals Mailing Privileges

ELM Revision: Basic Pay Determination — Post Office Downgrades


Handbook EL-804 Revision: Safe Driver Program

All Offices With Rural Delivery: Changes to Handbook PO-603


Mover’s Guide News: September 2007 Mover’s Guide Now Available

Catalog Address Change and Request Card

For offices that DO NOT receive automatic distribution (the majority of offices fall in this category)

For offices that DO receive automatic distribution

Publication 431 Revisions: Changes to Post Office Box Service and Caller Service Fee Groups

New Publication 619, Get in the USPS Business Line


Revised PS Form 1188, Cancellation of Organization Dues From Payroll Withholding

Viewing PS Form 1188 Online

Ordering PS Form 1188

PS Form 1509 Is Available for Ordering From the MDC

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