New Label 120, Security Alarm Warning, for Retail Entrances

Label 120, Security Alarm Warning.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service and Retail Marketing have issued a new label for retail entrances: Label 120, Security Alarm Warning. If the Postal Inspection Service, or your security control officer, determines that Label 117-A is more appropriate for the retail entrance of your Post Office™, you may display it in place of Label 120.

Label 112, Alarms, is now obsolete.

For Post Offices with windows adjacent to retail lobby entry doors, place Label 120 at eye level on the right-side window of customer entrances. If this is not possible, place the label at the bottom left of the main entrance door. Do not display Label 120 anywhere else in the Post Office. For offices with multiple retail entrances, order additional cop­ies of Label 120 and display the label at each entrance.

For questions about Labels 120 or 117-A, contact your facility security control officer.

You will be notified in a future Postal Bulletin article when additional labels are available at the Topeka Material Distribution Center.