2007 Holiday Card and Customized Postage Promotion


The 2007 Holiday Card and Customized Postage Pro­motion is designed to expand awareness of the online suite of USPS® services by primarily focusing on and promot­ing CardStore™ during the holiday season. Using local demonstrations in Post Office™ lobbies or facil­ities, customers will be given hands-on assistance and learn how to build holiday cards — regardless of what hol­iday they celebrate. The target audience is consumers. The promotion will mirror the successes of past events like eBay Days and Grow Your Business days.

Given the popularity of this promotion in 2006, it is being expanded to include demonstrations on creating custom­ized postage. All materials and demonstrations also need to include this online service as part of the promotion.

Public Affairs and Communications (PAC) Headquarters and field staff are responsible for promoting this event and generating news coverage. Customer Relations coordina­tors (CRCs), Consumer Affairs managers, and postmasters are responsible for executing the event. This promotion is set for the month of November, but PAC staff will concen­trate on promoting demonstrations and products the week of Nov. 12. PAC field staff will work with CRCs and post­masters to decide the location, dates, and times for the events.

This is an opt-in promotion. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory. Postmasters and CRCs will schedule events to avoid interfering with the regular flow of business. Postmasters should contact their PAC representative to schedule and plan an event.

PAC Headquarters Public Relations (PR) will provide all written materials, including media advisory, news release, talking and message points, and fact sheets on CardStore, Premium Postcards, Click2Mail, and Customized Postage. There is also one fact sheet that provides highlights of CardStore, Premium Postcards, and Click2Mail. All of the materials are included in this publicity kit, except for the news release, which will be provided directly to each local PAC contact.