Set-Up for the Demonstration Area

The space and location of the event will determine how the demonstration area can be set up, but the table or area should be visible from the lobby entrance doors, where possible, in a high-traffic area. Post signs to let customers know the date and time of demonstrations on how to make their own holiday cards. Card samples can be downloaded from the Web site and enlarged for display purposes. Sug­gested teasers into the demonstration area: “Use a Favor­ite Photo to Make Your Mail Special,” “Create Cards That Will Be Remembered,” “Learn How to Put Your Grandkids in the Mail,” or “Parents! A New Use for Family Photos.” JPEG samples of cards can be requested from Jason Beard, AKQA: 202-268-8287 or

These same messages can be used to help promote Customized PC Postage®. Feel free to bring in personal photos to help dress up the display area. If possible, create your own customized postage using a personal photo. Production and delivery of customized postage takes about 3 business days. Having a personal example on hand to show to customers will make a powerful demon­stration and shows faith in Postal Service products and services.