Suggested Event and Demonstration Flow

It is very important that the individual providing the dem­onstration have an account set up in advance. Go to and click on Get Started to reg­ister for an account. An account allows access to use any USPS online service.

Each demonstration should take about 15 minutes, depending on the interest of the customer and the number of questions. Feel free to tailor the demonstration in the interest of time or if other customers are waiting for a dem­onstration.

1. Select a card.

2. Personalize your card.

3. Explain that the Postal Service prints and mails the cards for the customer.

1. Cards can be personalized with the customer’s photos.

2. There’s no minimum order or limit on the number of cards the customer can create or purchase.

3. Customers can include a gift card with the greet­ing card.

1. To the customer, boxed (no stamps, no recipient addresses, an optional return address).

2. To the customer, boxed, with envelopes stamped and pre-addressed.

3. To the customers’ recipients or address book.

The individual fact sheets for CardStore, PremiumPost­card, and Click2Mail have product descriptions, instruc­tions, and helpful hints that can be used or referred to during the demonstrations. See pages 4045 for copies of the fact sheets. The Customized Postage Fact Sheet explains the program and lists approved vendors.

These national retailers offer gift cards through Cardstore: