Overview — Parcel Select Mail

“Parcel Select” is the registered trademark name for the Postal Service’s economical ground delivery service for packages entered in bulk, including those entered at desti­nation facilities. It is designed for and generally used by large- and medium-sized parcel shippers. Parcel Select mailers pay postage that reflects the degree of work-shar­ing they do in presorting their parcels and/or drop shipping their pieces at a destination facility located closer to the delivery point. Mailers are responsible for transporting their Parcel Select pieces to a destination bulk mail center (DBMC), destination sectional center facility (DSCF), or a destination delivery unit (DDU) for business and residential delivery.

In today’s competitive parcel market, Parcel Select ser­vice provides very competitive pricing. It is often used by other private parcel companies to complete delivery of the “last mile” for their shipments — particularly for deliveries in non-metropolitan or rural areas because the Postal Service is the only carrier that offers delivery to every door 6 days a week. In fact, a significant amount of the current destination-entry Parcel Select volume tendered to the Postal Service comes from parcel shippers who have tradi­tionally been our competitors: DHL, FedEx, and United Parcel Service (UPS).

Parcel Select service allows each carrier to leverage their core capabilities, such as long-distance transportation, with the Postal Service’s extensive delivery network to achieve cost savings and improved service. Parcel integrators and consolidators offer up-front esti­mates on delivery times and value-added services, includ­ing customized rates and services, billing, manifesting, insurance, tracking, Electronic Data Interchange, Delivery Confirmation™ service, and pickup service. Working together, we have a shared interest to provide improved satisfaction to our shared customers, the originators of the packages.