Deposit of Destination-Entry Parcel Select Shipments

Mailers have the option of depositing Parcel Select pieces using the procedures for plant-verified drop ship­ment (PVDS) or Electronic Verification System (eVS). PVDS shipments are required to be presented with PS Form 8125, Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) Verification and Clearance. eVS is a paperless payment and verification system. eVS parcels are deposited without PS Form 8125. However, a unique eVS barcode is required to be applied to each parcel with the text “eVS” in the identifier above the barcode and in the indicia. To use eVS, mailers must obtain prior approval.

Postal Service employees who receive Parcel Select drop shipments must perform two reviews — which are largely the same for both eVS and PVDS — to determine shipment accuracy and quality:

  • The first check is a cursory review of every Parcel Select mailing. The cursory review is a quick check that assures the mailing is at the right facility and has not become damaged in transit. An additional step for Parcel Select PVDS shipments is to verify that the PS Form 8125 has been properly completed and submitted with the mailing.
  • The second review is a quality review for Parcel Select shipments that consists of scanning a mini­mum of five parcels with a “DC/eVS Arrive” scan for every shipment received — this is also called the “Scan 5” process.

The complete instructions for receiving both eVS and PVDS Parcel Select mailings are available in chapter 6 of Publication 804, Drop Shipment Procedures for Destination Entry, which is available online at