Handbook PO-603 Revision: Rural Boxholder Non-delivery Request

In order for mailers to be able to make better use of the simplified addressing allowances on rural routes, beginning January 31, a program is being introduced that allows mail­ers to notify the Postal Service™ of customers who have requested non-delivery of a particular saturation mail­ing. This program, Rural Boxholder Non-delivery Request (RBNR), will require rural carriers to record these non-delivery requests on PS Form 3982-R, Rural Boxholder Non-delivery Request (see Figure 1 below), and cease from delivering the saturation mailings to the addresses pro­vided by the mailer. These mailings are commonly referred to as boxholders on rural routes. When a set of boxholders is received, the carrier will case the appropriate PS Form 3982-R into the separation for the customer who has requested non-delivery of the boxholder in question, and not deliver a boxholder to the address noted on the card(s) during the delivery process. PS Form 3982-R cards are returned to the Post Office™ for reuse. If the carrier normally cases boxholders, he/she will not case a box­holder in the case separation for the address noted on the PS Form 3982-R.

Figure 1

PS Form 3982-R.

The RBNR program is available only for saturation mail­ings that utilize simplified addressing. A customer who does not wish to receive a certain boxholder mailpiece must contact the mailer in order to request non-delivery. The mailer will then submit the customer request electron­ically to the Postal Service via My Post Office. The RBNR is being added to the main menu of My Post Office and the manager will check daily to see if there are any requests.

Requests found in My Post Office will be printed out by the postmaster/manager. The printout has two (2) identical halves, one which is given to the appropriate carrier who records the necessary information on PS Form 3982-R and then discards the printout. The other half of the printout is placed on file in the route folder. Only addresses are included on PS Form 3982-R. Names are not recorded on this form. Each address will have a separate PS Form 3982-R, which will be kept at the carrier case.

The customer must also contact the mailer in order to reinstate delivery of the saturation mailpiece. The mailer would then submit a reinstatement request electronically, which is transmitted via My Post Office. The postmaster/manager will then print out the request which will have two (2) identical halves. The carrier is given one half of the print­out and then crosses out the mailer name on the PS Form 3982-R if the customer has requested non-delivery from more than one mailer. If the customer has only the one mailer listed on the form, the carrier then discards the PS Form 3982-R. The postmaster/manager files the second half of the reinstatement printout in the route folder.

If a customer moves from an address with a non-delivery order in place, the carrier should not deliver the boxholder to the new customer. The customer must con­tact the mailer for reinstatement of delivery of the mailpiece to that address. Also, carriers should not deliver boxhold­ers to a mail receptacle shared by multiple customers where a non-delivery request order is active.

Part 322 of Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities, has been changed to reflect the new Rural Boxholder Non-Delivery Request (RBNR) and carrier responsibilities.

During a mail count, work associated with the RBNR program will be recorded in the following manner:

1. The route will be credited with one (1) markup in Column J for transcribing the non-delivery request information on the PS Form 3982-R and for annotat­ing or discarding the form when receiving a reinstate­ment of delivery.

2. After the initial notification, for each mailing requiring use of the PS Form 3982-R, one (1) piece is recorded in Column A, Letters, for casing the PS Form 3982-R. Additionally, one (1) piece is credited in Column N, Letters and Flats Collected, for bringing the PS Form 3982-R back from the route.

Offices may immediately order supplies of PS Form 3982-R from the Topeka Material Distribution Center (MDC). Before ordering from the Topeka MDC, you must be registered to use touch-tone order entry (TTOE). If you are not registered, call 800-332-0317, select option 1, exten­sion 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message. (You must wait 48 hours after registering before placing your first order.)

For complete TTOE ordering instructions, visit the Mate­rials Customer Service Web site at http://blue.usps.gov/purchase/_doc/ops_ttoeins.doc or call National Materials Customer Service at 800-332-0317, option 4. When order­ing, postmasters should be aware that the form comes in boxes of 3,000 with each bundle in the box containing 500 cards. Forms can be ordered in minimal increments. Utilize order number PSN 7530-10-000-6478 when order­ing the form. During ordering, postmasters should be aware that, currently, customer non-delivery requests gen­erally average only one or two addresses per route. A PDF version of PS Form 3982-R will also be posted on the forms Web page on the postal Blue page.

Postmasters may print out a copy of PS Form 3982-R if required, although they would not get the form in the orchid color.

Revise Handbook PO-603 as follows:

Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities

* * * * * 

3 Carrier Performance on Route

* * * * * 

32 Delivery of Ordinary and Simplified Address Mail

* * * * * 

322 Simplified Address Mail (Boxholders)

* * * * * 

322.2 General Distribution Without Individual Names and Addresses 322.21 One Piece Per Box

[Revise 322.21 to read as follows:]

a. Mail Addressed Postal Customer. Deliver one piece to each box on the route beginning with the first box and continuing until the supply is exhausted. Do not deliver a piece to a box where a customer has made a request of a mailer not to receive their mailing.

b. Mail Addressed Residential Customer. Deliver one piece to each residential customer box beginning with the first residential customer box and continuing until the supply is exhausted. Residential customer boxes are defined as those boxes where residential customers receive mail in the box and those boxes that serve primarily residential customers with an in­cidental business at the same address. Do not deliv­er a piece to a box where a customer has made a request of a mailer not to receive their mailing.

322.22 One Piece Per Family

[Add a sentence to the end of 322.22 to read as follows:]

***Do not deliver a piece to a box where a customer has made a request of a mailer not to receive their mailing.

[Renumber current 322.23 and 322.24 as new 322.24 and 322.25. Add new 322.23 to read as follows:]

322.23 PS Form 3982-R, Rural Boxholder Non-delivery Request.

Record on this form a mailer-provided address where a customer has requested non-delivery of a specific box­holder. When you reach this delivery point on the route, do not deliver the boxholder to this address. Return the form to your case when you return to the office. If you case your boxholders, do not case a boxholder in the case separation for the address noted on this form.

* * * * * 

We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed edition of Handbook PO-603 and into the next update of the online version accessible on the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site:

(The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site is http://blue.usps.gov/cpim.)