Priority Mail

Overall, average Priority Mail prices will increase by about 6 percent. However, price changes will not be uni­form. Otherwise, there are no major structural changes to retail prices. The price for our Priority Mail Flat-Rate Enve­lope continues to be the same as the unzoned 1 pound price, $4.80. The regular Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box is still a single price regardless of the weight, contents, or dis­tance traveled, and will be $9.80 at retail. We retain the “no fee” electronic Delivery Confirmation™ service option, available through “Click-N-Ship” service and manifest mailing systems (MMS) mailers.

The large flat-rate box introduced March 3, 2008, remains the same price. APO/FPO addresses, at $10.95, are $2 less than the $12.95 retail price.

We establish new commercial base prices with a sepa­rate price list for customers who use Click-N-Ship or PC Postage service. Commercial base prices will also be avail­able to customers who use permit imprint and can elec­tronically provide the required information through Confirmation Services or Electronic Verification System (eVS). Each of the commercial base price options will include Delivery Confirmation service at no additional cost.

Priority Mail “Open-and-Distribute” shipments will be eligible for commercial base prices.