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Organization Information

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Correction: International Reply Coupons

International Reply Coupons and Price Change

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USPS Package Intercept Service: Enabling Customers to Redirect Delivery of Shipments

Reaching Out for Every Door Direct Mail in Retail Lobbies


Stop Sending Copies of PS Form 8176, Premium Forwarding Service Application, to Headquarters


Establishment and Installation Heads: Statutory Requirement to Review and Post EHS/OSHA Form 300A Summary for Calendar Year 2011

Reviewing and Closing Out EHS/OSHA Form 300 Log

Reviewing and Posting EHS/OSHA Form 300A

Retaining Forms

Reminder: Federal Reporting Requirements on Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals

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Stamp Announcement 12-19: Heart Health

Distribution: Item 468700, Heart Health Commemorative (Forever priced at 45 cents) PSA Pane of 20 Stamps

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Breast Cancer Research Semipostal Stamps to Remain on Sale through December 31, 2015

Breast Cancer Research Semipostal Stamp Issues

Corrections and Updates to Philately Articles and Stamp Announcements

Pictorial Postmarks Announcement

How to Order the First Day of Issue Digital Color or Traditional Postmarks

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USPS Headquarters Managers and Field Installation Heads: February 2012 Semi-Annual Capital Property Review